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About CanSAGE

Our society seeks to be the place to find answers and to improve MIS skills, whether one is a novice or an expert.

Introduction to CanSAGE

CanSAGE currently has over 300 members including residents, fellows and gynecologists with a range of expertise in minimally invasive gynecology. CanSAGE is also taking a leadership role in the design of the objectives and curriculum offered in the 14 MIS fellowships currently available in Canada.

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Our Story

In 2015, a group of Minimally Invasive Gynecologic surgeons from across Canada shared a vision to form the first national society to support education and research in the field of Minimally Invasive Gynecology. To introduce that vision, the society’s first national meeting, the “Canadian Symposium on Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery” was held in Toronto in April 2016. This inaugural meeting was the first of its kind in Canada, allowing Canadian MIG surgeons to learn, network and present their research at a dedicated MIG national meeting.

The Canadian Society for the Advancement of Gynecologic Excellence (CanSAGE) was officially incorporated in 2017, and since then it has continued to grow and increase its influence as the expert voice of advanced and minimally invasive gynecology in Canada.

In addition to the annual clinical meeting which continues to grow and exceed expectations, we now offer a host of educational events and webinars engaging our members on topical issues with both national and international speakers. CanSAGE provides support for Fellowship programs across the country with a centralized match, and curriculum-based training for future MIGS leaders. The fellows are exposed to regular Journal Clubs and teaching sessions in addition to Virtual and In-Person Boot Camps for comprehensive learning. 

The CanSAGE Video Library is an excellent educational resource and includes a collection of outstanding member videos highlighting the spectrum of surgical foundations and techniques. The CanSAGE  Foundation will soon be incorporated to support research and educational endeavours by members for years to come.

CanSAGE is excited about expanding our reach to all gynecologic surgeons across Canada as we become the national home for MIS expertise. We are collaborating with other national and international societies to foster education, research and collegiality among Minimally Invasive Gynecology and pelvic pain specialists everywhere.

Our Values

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CanSAGE offers a source for education, scholarship, collegiality and technical expertise in Minimally Invasive Gynecology across Canada.

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CanSAGE is actively involved in designing the objectives and curriculum offered in Canada’s current MIGS fellowships.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Canadian Society for the Advancement of Gynecologic Excellence is to promote and maintain high standards of excellence in the diagnosis and management of complex gynecologic conditions. The society is committed to ensuring quality education, providing a national forum to promote clinical and basic research, and promoting improved ways to deliver quality patient care.

Executive Board

Dr. Lian Belland


Dr. Liane Belland
Calgary, AB

Dr. Jamie Kroft


Dr. Jamie Kroft
Toronto, ON
Dr. Sari Kives


Dr. Sari Kives
Toronto, ON

Olga Bougie


Dr. Olga Bougie
Kingston, ON

John Thiel

Executive Director

Dr. John Thiel
Regina, SK

Catherine Allaire


Dr. Catherine Allaire
Vancouver, BC

Board Members

Tina Ngan

Member at Large

Dr. Tina Ngan
Sherbrooke, QC

Tina Ngan

Member at Large

Dr. Darrien Rattray
Regina, SK

Tina Ngan


Dr. Joannie Neveu
St. John’s, NL

Tina Ngan


Dr. Aubrey Uretsky
Edmonton, AB

Eliane Shore


Dr. Fady W. Mansour
Montreal, QC

Eliane Shore


Dr. Eliane Shore
Toronto, ON

Eliane Shore

British Columbia

Dr. Fariba Mohtashami
Vancouver, BC

Meghan Oleary

Fellow Representative

Dr. Margot Rosenthal
Toronto, ON

Meghan Oleary

Social Media & Membership Representative

Dr. Meghan O’Leary
Hamilton, ON


Lisa Lipowski

Executive Administrator

Lisa Lipowski, BSc, CMP, DES
Montreal, QC