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CanSAGE MIGS Fellowships

Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery Programs

University of British Columbia

Fellowship Co-Directors: Dr. Catherine Allaire and Dr. Caroline Lee
Current Fellows: Dr. Ahmad Badeghiesh and Dr. Brittany MacGregor (both graduating 2024)
2024 Incoming Fellows: Dr. Wareef Fallatah and Dr. Catherine Lu

University of British Columbia – Fraser Health Authority

Fellowship Co-Directors: Dr. Claudine Storness-Bliss and Dr. Michael Suen
Current Fellow: Dr. Yale Tang (graduating 2024)
2024 Incoming Fellow: Dr. Paxton Ting

University of Calgary

Fellowship Co-Directors: Dr. Liane Belland and Dr. Kathy Lo
Current Fellow: Dr. Lauren Andrew (graduating 2024)
2024 Incoming Fellow: Dr. Monique Marguerie

University of Saskatchewan – Regina

Fellowship Co-Directors: Dr. Darrien Rattray and Dr. John Thiel 
Current Fellow: Dr. Arohumam Kan (graduating 2024)
2024 Incoming Fellow: Dr. Melissa Workman

McMaster University

Fellowship Co-Directors: Dr. Nicholas Leyland and Dr. Sarah Scattolon
Current Fellows: Dr. Melissa Marien and Dr. Ido Mick (both graduating 2024); Dr. Anna Shishkina (graduating 2025)
2024 Incoming Fellow: Dr. Rachelle Shirley

University of Toronto – North York General Hospital

Fellowship Co-Directors: Dr. Alice Pham and Dr. Abheha Satkunaratnam
Current Fellow: Dr. Pauline Chang (graduating 2024)
2024 Incoming Fellow: Dr. Jessica Blom

University of Toronto – St. Joseph’s Health Centre

Fellowship Co-Directors: Dr. Brian Liu and Dr. Mary Melchior
Current Fellow: Dr. Jessica Smith (graduating 2024)

University of Toronto – Unity Health – St. Michael’s Hospital

Fellowship Co-Directors: Dr. Alysha Nensi and Dr. Deborah Robertson
Current Fellows: Dr. Azra Shivji (graduating 2024) and Dr. Erica Pascoal (graduating 2025)
2024 Incoming Fellow: Dr. Martha Smith

McGill University

Fellowship Co-Directors: Dr. Srinivasan Krishnamurthy and Dr. Jessica Papillon Smith
Current Fellow: Dr. Sanah Alani (graduating 2025)

Université de Montréal

Fellowship Director: Dr. Chantal Rivard
Current Fellows: Dr. Nadja Benmohamed and Dr. Janey Fang (both graduating 2024)
2024 Incoming Fellow: Dr. Shirley Greenbaum

Université Laval à Québec

Fellowship Co-Directors: Dr. Philippe Laberge and Dr. Sarah Maheux-Lacroix
Current Fellow: Dr. Azélie Paulus (graduating October 2024)

Canadian AAGL Fellowship Programs

In addition to the CanSAGE programs listed above, there are three AAGL fellowship programs in Canada:

University of Toronto – Mount Sinai & Women’s College Hospital

Fellowship Co-Directors: Dr. Jonathon Solnik and Dr. Ally Murji
Current Fellows: Dr. Lacey Brennan (graduating 2025), Dr. Anna Kobylianskii (graduating 2024) , Dr. Meghan McGrattan (graduating 2024) , Dr. Peter Thiel (graduating 2024)
2024 Incoming Fellows: Dr. Jade Désilets, Dr. Sarah Shamiya

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Fellowship Director: Dr. Grace Liu
Current Fellows: Dr. Ana Iancu (graduating 2025) and Dr. Emma Skolnik (graduating 2024)

University of Ottawa

Fellowship Co-Directors: Dr. Karine Lortie and Dr. Sukhbir Sony Singh
Current Fellows: Dr. Genevieve Horwood (graduating 2024) and Dr. Jennifer McCall (graduating 2025)
2024 Incoming Fellow: Dr. Ahmed Barabie

Applicants can apply directly through CanSAGE. Participating Canadian AAGL Fellowship Programs will be included in the CanSAGE Match.

There is NO need to apply to the AAGL nor do you need to participate in the AAGL Match process for the three participating programs above. If you are applying to any other American AAGL programs, then you still must apply through the AAGL. Please note, however, that the CanSAGE match date is before the American match date so if you enter and are accepted through the CanSAGE match, you would be expected to withdraw from the American match. The Canadian AAGL programs will submit the matched applicant directly to the AAGL.

Details on the AAGL programs can be found at: