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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Foundation’s Fundraising Goal for 2023?

The CanSAGE Foundation seeks to raise at least $10,000 this first year.

Do I Need to Be a CanSAGE Member to Benefit from the CanSAGE Foundation?

The CanSAGE Foundation’s work will support research by our members that advances gynecologic research as a whole. However, grants offered through the CanSAGE Foundation will be open to applications from members only.

How Will the Money Be Used to Establish the Foundation?

Money raised by the foundation will help cover the legal costs and provide research & educational funding for CanSAGE members. 

How Do I Apply for Membership?

Application for membership shall be made using the online form provided by CanSAGE. Upon receipt of the application properly completed, and the payment of the required dues, the Executive of the Board of Directors shall make independent investigation if deemed appropriate to determine whether the applicant meets all requirements for membership.