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The CanTok Series

Looking for the best tips to take your gynecologic practice to the next level?

Check our social media platforms this summer for 1-minute video clips from Canadian experts.

Dr. Ari Sanders distinguishes between a uterine didelphys and a complete uterine septum extending to the external cervical os.

The CanTok Library

Dr. Darrien Rattray

Adding amitriptyline to a treatment regimen for patients with chronic pain

Dr. Valérie To

Advice on the importance of thoughtful pre-operative counselling

Dr. Kristina Arendas

Have you ever used this trick to improve access to the posterior cul-de-sac in endometriosis excisions?

Dr. Kristina Arendas

En français :
Avez-vous déjà utilisé ce truc pour améliorer l’accès au cul-de-sac postérieur durant les excisions d’endométriose?

Dr. Kristin Ambacher

We love this approach to removing a benign large ovarian cyst through a small incision by Dr. Ambacher. Have you ever used this method to keep your surgery minimally invasive?


Dr. Jaclyn Madar

Dr. Madar joins us to share these 5 clever tricks to make laparoscopic hysterectomy in the large fibroid uterus safe and feasible.